Sunday, June 5, 2011

Unelected Multi-National Organizations "Get'r Done"

So NATO is heading into a ground war in Libya. Don't worry this doesn't violate the the US Constitution reserving Congress the duty to declare war because it's "NATO" doing it. For that matter I'm unaware of any other NATO country declaring war.

The World Bank is proposing a tax on worldwide transportation. Only to cut greenhouse gasses pay no attention to the billions of unaccountable dollars that this would produce. The only lever that nations have had on things like the World Bank or the IMF is that they only get money that they "lend". Once these organizations can tax it will take someone having the balls to militarily refuse to pay.

Official documents suggest Obama administration was behind the Gunrunner BATFE scandal. Oops you screwed up Barry unlike multinational organizations you will be subject to an election come 2012, see you about this then.

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