Monday, July 11, 2011

After so long you're just playing with it.

This bit of grade school "humor" came to mind when I read a story about how the TSA gave a gropedown to a six-year old not once but twice.

Oleg Volk's TSA pictures come to mind.

Who is running the TSA these days?


  1. I'll never understand why America lets the government get away with stuff like this. I won't visit the USA via airplane because I refuse to go through the humiliation (and yeah, lets have a mall cop grope a guy with PTSD).

    I have to applaud our government for deciding to ignore the "grope" in favour of arming our airport security.

  2. It's the classic one small bite at a time that leads to the death of liberty. As for the PTSD what about someone who might have been homosexually raped? I somehow doubt that there is an ability to request screening by a different gender.

    The TSA has become a self serving bureaucracy in record time, they don't care about stopping new attacks(in fact each new attack gets them more money), only about seeming to cover whatever the last attack was that way they can earnestly claim not to have seen this new threat cumming and to need more money to thwart that. And good news these same reasonable precautions are now cumming to trains and buses. Beyond that who knows(I need to see your travel papers citizen.)