Saturday, July 2, 2011

How much "Journalism" can you buy for $5,000.00?

Wiston Churchill is reputed to have once asked a woman if she would sleep with him for five million pounds, when she replied that she probably would he asked if she would for five pounds. The woman asked, "What type of woman do you think I am?" He replied, "Madam we've already established what kind of woman you are, now we are haggling over price."

The anti-gun Joyce foundation paid a a $5,000.00 "grant" to a "journalist" for the Columbus Ohio newspaper to write a three part series on gun violence. In what should suprise nobody writer of negotiable virtue Theodore Decker went down on that offer like the rent was due and bent over forward to please those who solicited his services.

I'd like to take a moment to imagine the howls from certain quarters if the NRA gave "grants" to people who wrote about guns used in self defense(Jay G would be able to afford to move to a free state). Now that my imaginary ears are deafened by the hypothetical outrage, I would like to say I as a libertarian don't have a problem with people soliciting professional to help them fulfill their unrealistic fantasies. However it strains my credulity when said panderers claim this is anything but a pleasant business transaction. Theodore Decker should be proud of the field he has plowed for the Joyce foundation, he should unashamedly advertise his $1666.67 per concocted fantasy going rate(unless this was part of a bulk price of three).

Walk the street with pride Theodore Decker and let every Johnathan Thomas and Benjamin Dover know that you are a professional journalist available to all.

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