Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tab Clearing

Reporter stages her own rape to get over PTSD of a rape that didn't happen to her, my own reaction is that either someone didn't know their own kinks or this is white liberal guilt taken to a whole new level.

Mexico wants to prosecute Obama administration officials over BATFE supplying guns to the Cartels. Much as I don't want this precedent set it would be so deliciously ironic if it would happen.

At the same time Mexico and Obama want to stop the execution of a scumbag who raped and murdered a sixteen year old girl in Texas. Sorry are these "poor souls" effectively American because they came here as children therefore we must pass the Dream act, or are they foreign nationals who deserve consultation from their consulates? My advice to Mexico would be pick a different poster-boy because this one isn't doing your image any favors.


  1. Well I can see the Mexican's point. I can imagine the uproar stateside if Canada was found to be supplying guns to the mob in say, New York.

    But seeing as Obama basically said "no" to prosecuting folks found to be torturing civvies in Iraq/Afghanistan I'm not holding my breath for this.

  2. That PTSD article is...interesting. I wonder what my doctor has to say about staging her own rape to get over trauma.

    It is pretty well known and accepted that exposure to places like disaster zones and such can lead to PTSD.

    But I can't condone her methods. That's pretty fucked. I can imagine the reaction if I wanted to recreate my trauma to cure myself.

  3. But I can't condone her methods. That's pretty fucked. I can imagine the reaction if I wanted to recreate my trauma to cure myself.

    Proposed Veteran PTSD treatment:
    1 MBT(buttoned up full ammo load)
    1lb C4(not shaped charge)
    Several captured non-uniformed combatant
    radical islamics, tied to secured chairs.
    1.Place PTSD patient into buttoned up MBT
    2.Place captured non-uniformed combatants
    outside of blast radius but in line of sight
    3.Detonate 1lb C4 to jar but not damage MBT
    4.Allow PTSD patient to do with ammo load what
    he/she feels is appropriate.
    5.Repeat as needed;)

  4. What the reporter did I suppose what some would call an "exposure-based treatment" but they would be incorrect. Exposure-based Treatment is not as straight forward as it may sound, but it is the most effective type of Evidence-Based Treatment for PTSD.

    I know what I would call what the reporter did, and it has nothing to do with "therapy," and is not polite; so I'll restrain my evil tongue...I doubt that the woman had PTSD from the description given in the article.

    I write about trauma, mental health treatment, and Constitutional Rights, and whatever I feel relates. I started my blog, Involuntary Transformation, when my son was Court Ordered to involuntary psychiatric treatment because two mental health professionals committed felony perjury and one committed felony forgery last summer. My son developed severe PTSD as the result of being the victim of violent crime when he was a pre-schooler, in the 'care' of the State of Washington. This crime was covered up, as have many more since then. The ones last summer I duly reported to authorities who did not conduct an investigation. No surprise here people with a psychiatric label are denied their Constitutional Rights in this Country as a matter of course...

    Here is a link to an article I wrote in May about PTSD treatment for Veterans:

    BTW I found your blog through the one your wife writes--Thanks for being out in the blogosphere...