Thursday, July 21, 2011

Worth it?

So after flooding Mexico with guns Operation Fast and Furious(aka Gunwalker scandal), has exactly one person still in jail. I'd also like to know when we started classifying 18 to 25 year old people as children, didn't we pass an amendment lowering voting age because we still classify them as potential cannon-fodder?

Somebody please explain to me again how this was about arresting people for illegally trafficking weapons and not about making an excuse to crack-down on RKBA(right to keep and bear arms). The more that comes from this the harder it is not to be "paranoid".


  1. Paranoia has no basis in reality. It is fear without reason to fear. You are not paranoid. What you are is thinking about a stupid plan of action which was carried out by people who should have known better. You are attempting to understand why this ill-conceived plan was carried out. Your explanation, that it was a ploy meant to garner support for a further crackdown on the RKBA, is plausible, if not likely. IMHO, you hit right on...

    This plan has cost the lives of American citizens, some whom were in Law Enforcement; which to me, is a particularly cruel and unacceptable outcome. The AG and the guy who appointed him approved this plan--well, we know what that means---lies and cover-up is now the order of the day...

  2. Yoblue know that people are out to make the proles good little serfs again, however part and parcel of the method of these "new elites" is to repeat their version of reality until people accept it as truth, but remember: 1+1=3(don't make me get the cage and the rats).