Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tab Clearing

BATFE to require gun shops in border states to report multiple sales of rifles to individual within 5 days. As I've commented elsewhere what is to stop Jose Strawbuyer from buying one gun a week from every gun shop within 200 miles?  Further since none of these would appear on the "database" this would tend to hamper investigation as the bureaucracy tries to justify it's new toy. Never mind that it will do nothing to stop the BATFE from doing another "sting" operation to justify more funding and power.

Surprise, surprise: Obama has appointed a self-hating Jew to the Supreme Court. A private writer has done the vetting that the Senate and the Media failed to do. Justice Kaegan has supported Sharia law which would at best reduce her to second class citizen on multiple occasions.

View from the Porch pointed me to the real "Triangle of Death".

The body of a 9 year old Jewish boy in NYC has been found and a suspect is in custody. The way the police are carefully not releasing the name of the suspect(normally they trumpet it to everyone who isn't even listening) makes me think that the suspect will not be named Christian Anderson.

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  1. So...the answer to an agency abusing it's power is to do nothing?


    Jeez man, the least he could do is get a panel, a body, something independent to watch law enforcement agencies.