Friday, July 8, 2011

Tab Clearing

Sorry about wimping out and just doing tab clearing posts, life keeps happening.

Police officers are starting to wear digital video cameras, every good cop should love to wear these every thug with a badge will fight this every step of the way.

You know how sharks will bump something to see if it's dangerous before they come in to bite it. Iranian speedboats are starting to play chicken with warships to see if they will shoot(even warning shots). Anyone wanna take a sucker's bet that the one after the boat that doesn't get fired upon has explosives in it?

Larry Correia does a better job flaying gunwalker than I could, not suprising since he's a best selling author and I'm not.

Spree shooter in Michigan kills himself, notice all references to him being a convicted felon are at the end of the story and no reference made that being a felon means he can't legally own firearms. All the Brady campaign will shrill is a GUN CRIME never mentioning that said individual was already banned from firearms ownership.


  1. OK when you mentioned the BATF funnelling guns to the cartels, I thought a few hundred. Not thousands.

    Jesus, that...someone needs to fry.

  2. I know many RKBA(Right to Keep and Bear Arms) advocates sound paranoid, but stories like gun-walker combined with elected officials hyping cooked statistics about guns the cartels use are enough to bring out the tinfoil headgear in fairly skeptical people.