Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why I carry a gun even in my own house.

I once read an interesting retorical gun question: If someone kicked in your door right now could you do more than change the channel?

This case illustrates that point as well as why minorities should also be law abiding firearms carriers.

Every morning I put on my firearm with my pants, and there's a firearm on the back of the toilet when I take a shower. It might not make a difference but I want to have that chance if odds crap out on me.

So I pose this question to you dear hypothetical readers, are you safe in the picture below or zombie chow?


  1. A titanium spike-type neck knife, actually, sitting in the pen holder with the pens and a pair of scissors.

    But why am I using it instead of the 1911 on my belt? ;)

  2. So asks everyone who's gun-safe is on the right side of their desk.