Friday, July 15, 2011

Tab Clearing

Yet again life interferes with blogging so I'm going to have to clear these tabs, hopefully normally scheduled snark will resume this weekend.

I'm not sure I trust the BATFE to run a gun buyback program even if I approved of these handy ways for felons to dispose of incriminating evidence. Especially given that we are now seeing Gunwalker II in Central-America(lookout Canada there are even more border states that they could slap new gun-store reporting requirements on after a botched "sting" up north). And in related new the soon to be punished whistle-blower on this whole mess is saying that we paranoid people are right(good thing I'm not in therapy this would be a major setback).

Tam pointed me to a story about the Federal Government trying to get a judge to order a woman to decrypt incriminating info on her laptop. One of the government lawyers compared it to compelling someone to give up a key to a safe with incriminating evidence, wrong, this is more like a combination locked safe without an object you may seize. You may seize it(with a warrant) you may open it(if you can) but you can't force someone to tell you the combination.

Just to show you how wonderful being dependent on the government is I came across this story of a riot for public housing vouchers. Pictures of this story make it harder for me to not stereotype people.


  1. I have nothing to hide, and there is no way in hell I would grant permission for such an invasion of privacy.

  2. Oh, they can order all they want. I will not comply, and I would be inclined to vanish.