Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Say WTF?

Not to second guess the guys on the scene but sometimes you've gotta second guess the guys on the scene. Now based on the information I have one Conneticut cop shot another when he decided to engage a suspected pervert at a Harry Potter showing.

1. The claim is that the officers fired when the pervert reached into his waistband(other explanations present themselves) I'm not sure the cult of officer safety should cover "intuitive threat assessment" when...

2. This a theater presumably crowded with minors going to see a movie. The PD(and their liablity insurer) should be singing prayers of thanks that officer never heard of rule four only managed to plug his backup and not a photogenic five year old.

3. Two shots(out of god knows how many fired hit) hit people, one hitting this low-level pervert(if he was known violent why were they confronting him in a crowded theater) in the foot and another hitting a fellow officer in the arm. So officer dead-eye didn't even shoot well when he felt compelled to bring high-velocity lead into this situation.

If more on this comes out I'll update this story and if some circumstance comes out to somehow justify it I'll update this story.

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