Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Revolving door dissapearing blame.

The BATFE director in charge during Operation Send Guns to Cartels and Blame it on the 2nd Ammendment has been "fired" actually he was shifted to some other cushy government job so he wouldn't reveal just how much Obama and Holder knew or what the real motivation for the Operation was.

Anyone want to take bets on what would have happened if one of the gunstores in AZ hadn't tapped an agent telling them to sell to someone they thought was a straw purchaser? "Trust me I'm with ______ agency." should by now rank up there with: "The check is in the mail.", "The drop zone is wide enough", and "I wont cum in your mouth."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Beware Feds bearing Gifts.

Due to the scattered showers where important people live, FEMA has decided to pull useful funding from Joplin(my neck of the woods). Honestly the private help we received has been overwhelming and appreciated, but it seems what the Feds have done is open up a trailer park more than two months after people needed new housing. In the meantime individuals and businesses are actually getting the job done faster than anyone has believed. FEMA meanwhile is been refusing to lead, follow, or even get out of our way.

Oh don't worry we'll still be getting our government built trailer slum, but things like roads and schools will just have to wait until Maratha's Vineyard has been relandscaped on the taxpayer dime.

The only picture I could find that really shows our federally provided soon to be slum, but don't worry all of the paving material is made of good intentions.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guerrilla Forces

Remember no matter how responsible he seems never give a monkey a gun.

ht: StormBringer

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Sunshine.

Even an economist says Buy a Gun, not from the obnoxious Ubertacticool Glockmiester 21 1/2 rules all else is crap types, but a practical means of defending yourself could be necessary in the near future.

I don't know exactly what's coming  but I can tell you that even if you don't have a FEMA trailer park just down the road from you now is not the time to rely on anyone else to protect you and your loved ones.


Well I've had to quit the gun shop position before I even got properly hired. The designated manager being a bully. I guess some people never leave high-school behind them. I'm also unconvinced that this area can truly support another gun shop especially one dedicated to the cult of Tacticool. Even counting the local police I don't thing the Mall Ninja density is high enough. Plus the manager's attitudes are a lawsuit looking for a time to happen in one way or another.

I was hopeful that this could be a vocation, but I could tell working for this individual would quickly become a hell. Not much to be done except buy my guns where I always have, buy other things online, and keep looking for my employment Ithaca.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Coming to a city near you...

The 50% black teenaged unemployment rate is looking to work out as well in this country as it did in England. The mayor of Kansas City got a taste of such social policies while visiting a square that hordes of unemployed teenagers congregate in(the paper very carefully doesn't mention the crowds racial makeup) had to be pushed to the ground by his security due to gunfire.

Given the dominate political force in big cities for the last fifty years or more it appears that those who have sown the wind have little clue as to what the blowing twisting thing coming for them is.

As is often the case Oleg Volk says things far better than I can:

Parks usually warn visitors not to feed wild animals. Habituated to handouts, creatures such as bears get aggressive and attack visitors who disappoint them by not providing the expected food. Then the park rangers have to shoot the “problem bears”. It’s the same with the people: habituating them to handouts and letting them think the handouts are tribute is a surefire way of getting riots when the bread and circuses cease or merely decrease.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The (don't) Show Me the sticker state.

Apparently my lovely state's governor not only decided to buy key-fobs from China to promote Missouri jobs, but felt it was necessary to lie by omission with taking off the "Made in China" stickers before distribution.

Can you tell someone's nervous about running for reelection with Obama on the top of the ticket?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good news everybody.

If you liked having the US government as your mortgage holder you're gonna love having it as your landlord.

Something tells me those pipes might just be leaking for a while.

I really wanted this to be a good story.

Unfortunately it looks like some wannabe mall ninja(seriously this story says he's former security)  got lucky enough to not get shot or arrested for making a citizen's arrest of one druggie who shot another.

Hands up how many concealed carry people also carry handcuffs? This smacks of someone "patrolling" for a chance to be a hero.

Listen Skippy, this could have gone wrong in a whole lot of ways. It can still be made to look like concealed carry holders are nutball vigilantes, because you with your handcuffs and "citizen's arrest" look like a nutball vigilante.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go East Young Man, Go East.

As if drought, earthquakes, Marxist unemployment, and la Raza are not enough California is looking to strip still more second amendment rights from it's people. People once said "as goes California so goes the country." but in everything from public spending to the right to keep and bear arms, the (fools)Golden State is swimming against the direction of most other states. While other states are passing balanced budget amendments and affirming their law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves California seems determined to become a European socialist oligarchy. This is working so well right now in Greece and London.

Opportunity is aborted in the womb by Marxists, if you would seek your fortune(and mean to keep it), go east young man, go east.

Stop "Helping" us.

Every #^$#$@ time the President has done a major press conference in the last two weeks the stock market has tanked. Just go golfing Barry, like you did after hearing about the Navy Seals you lauded for getting Osama got killed themselves.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tab Clearing: Of Doom

My browser tabs seem to have exploded with bad news worth of mentioning:

UAW getting ready to punish Ford for not taking gubment bailout. Cults don't like it when you wont drink your Cool-aid.

UN is gearing up for a new "small arms treaty". I have a different take from most gunnies on this, notice all of the world's oligarchs and dictators crafting a measure to keep their serfs from acquiring arms to get rid of them. This isn't aimed at the US as much as it is aimed at making sure another society like it doesn't happen. Though Filipino gunsmiths, making hand-built copies of the S&W that their grandfathers macheted a gringo to death for, might point out the fallacy of this idea.

Video of two men shooting up a public bus in Philadelphia(now officially the US's most ironically named city) to avenge someone telling a female relative not to spank her child. I'm sure these are some of those evil concealed carry permit holders the left is so worried about. Who really thinks these people purchased or owned these weapons legally?

The DEA apparently didn't want to be left behind the ATF when it comes to dealing with drug cartels. DEA actively helped a Mexican drug cartel evade arrest and smuggle tones of drugs into the US. Basically in exchange for information on this cartel's enemies we gave them a free pass to do whatever they wanted. That certainly is a CHANGE and unfortunately I can believe in it.

State fairs seem to have become popular places to beat whitey. Oddly you don't see the same calls for "Social Networking Control" that you see for "Gun Control".

Standard and Poor's downgrades US debt. Boy am I glad that our elected leaders raised the debt ceiling nothing makes your credit rating go up faster than owing more on credit cards than you make in a year.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Made me laugh.

Because we need a little humor:

Friday Bacon

I couldn't not shamelessly rip this from Mausers & Muffins(Seriously Brigid is a far better writer than I am and you should check her blog out), it fits so perfectly into my weekly service to Radical Islamics:

Bacon and Politics

FEUDALISM: You have bacon. The lord comes and takes the bacon. And your last pig. You get a potato.

PURE SOCIALISM: You have some bacon. Your neighbor does not. The government takes your bacon and gives it to the neighbor. You have to take a second job to bring home the bacon so you can continue to supply the non working neighbor with your bacon.

BUREAUCRATIC SOCIALISM: You have some bacon. The government takes half of it to give to the neighbor with none. The bacon is then managed by a Bacon Czar with a large staff. The Bacon Czar is a vegan. With the ensuing paperwork, and the latent inability of the Bacon Czar to actually handle the bacon, the bacon goes bad and is thrown out.

FASCISM: You have a little bit of bacon. The government takes it, and offers to sell you the oink.

PURE COMMUNISM: You have bacon. Your neighbor works to help you get more bacon and you share in it, even though he eats twice as much as you and does half the amount of work.

RUSSIAN COMMUNISM: You have bacon. The government takes it and gives you a potato.

DICTATORSHIP: You have bacon. The government takes it and drafts you. You get MRE's. They do not contain bacon.

PURE DEMOCRACY: You have bacon. You vote with your neighbors as to how your bacon should be protected.

REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: You have some bacon. You elect someone to vote on how best to ensure you get more bacon.
LIBERAL SOCIETY: You don't like bacon so I don't get any.

BUREAUCRACY: You have bacon. The government makes a new food pyramid that tell you when you should eat the bacon and how often. It then pays you not to eat the bacon and takes it and throws it away, after you have filled out a form to pay your bacon tax for the bacon that you no longer have.

CALIFORNIA BUREAUCRACY: In California, bacon contains nitrates and fats that may be bad for people who have no willpower. So no one gets bacon.

PROGRESSIVISM: You have bacon. The government takes it and gives you a receipt.

ANARCHY: You have bacon. You try and sell the bacon to others so you survive or others with big pointy things simply take the bacon and kill you.

MONARCHY: We have bacon because you love us and want us to have bacon. Smile. Wave.

CAPITALISM: You have bacon. Strengthened by bacon, you work harder and buy a whole damn pig.

MUCH OF THE MIDDLE EAST: Bacon is unclean. Die infidel.

MAOISM - We are Urban Working Class. What is bacon??
(c) Home on the Range 2011
To be clear this isn't mine it and I make no commercial claim to it but it was too awesome and too good a fit not to repost.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Arming both sides in Somolian Proxie War.

It's confirmed, law abiding US citizens are the only people that the US government isn't providing weapons to. We are providing arms to Central African "peacekeeping" forces who's corrupt government doesn't pay them, who then sell about half their arms and ammo to intermediaries for the Somalian jihadis that they are supposed to be containing.

I can personally now think of $70 Million dollars that can be trimmed from the next budget.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

He didn't even get a blindfold or a last cig.

I when to my local tea-party organization meeting tonight because our local congress-critter had sent a sacrificial staffer to explain why he voted for the cave-in that was this Debt-ceiling increase. Lets just say it wasn't a warm room, a Democrat staffer would have likely faced much the same reception. I'm not sure if Republicans realize that Tea-Party people actually mean what we say or that we don't feel ourselves married to the GOP because the other girl at the party is even fuglier.

If I tried to borrow money in my children's name it would be illegal, similarly any creditors I had would not be able to collect from anything other than my estate after I'm gone. The only exception is that I can elect a politician who will write IOU's secured by my offspring and nobody even sees the immorality of it.

Everyone bemoans spending cuts as "balancing the budget on the backs of the poor", what we are currently doing is not balancing it on the backs of our children. Who is worse?