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Fresh Bag Inclusions: Summer

 I did a couple of posts recently about things to have in your car in case you have to walk home in less than civilized circumstances. I wanted to share a couple of thoughts for things to include for hotter weather. As before these are supposed to be cheap inconspicuous and not a bad idea even in more civilized times. As always I get NOTHING from the links I'm just including them for reference.

First a brimmed hat

This can help keep you cooler and your eyes shaded on sunny days or shelter your face a bit on rainy ones. Wearing hats isn't widely fashionable nowadays but there are practical aspects that make at least having one if not wearing one daily improve your time outside. 

Second some sunscreen that's also bug repellant

This will help protect you from two different summer environmental factors. 

Lastly some electrolyte water flavor pouches:  

Your emergency water plan might not be enough by itself in hot weather, you'll need to replace the other things you're sweating out too. If you're going to be using a lifestraw something else for electrolytes might be better as it filters after you've mixed.

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BeCos(play) It's Friday


More not safe for daylight below the break, and as always bonus nerd points for recognizing characters. 

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