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Sunday Reading: Healthcare Scarcity

New series here of posting something worth reading in my opinion:

Because we are a largely cooperative species, we do not like that very much. It seems unfair and unkind. So we try to make an end run around scarcity with things such as health insurance and government medical plans, both of which are based on the same economic principle: Someone else pays. But scarcity does not care who is paying: Scarcity is scarcity. In the most monopolistic public-health systems (e.g., the ones in the United Kingdom and Canada), there is a lot of saying “No,” though it is what we might call a “Japanese no” — saying “no” without actually saying it. They put you on a waiting list and hope you die before they actually have to say “No,” or they simply expect you to accept that some services and treatments are categorically unavailable. There is a reason New York City’s hospitals are full of rich Canadians who cannot afford the free health care at home.
Go read the whole thing and see the problems with socialized medicine in a whole new light. You might also start thinking of some new solutions to the real problem.

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BeCos(play) It's Friday

 More not safe to philosophize stoned below the break, and as always bonus nerd points below the break.

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

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The Good(stuff) Spicey Korean BBQ

Our favorite weekly cybermag/blog wont leave you hungry half an hour later, but nowadays you might be a teeny bit radioactive. Life's all about choices.

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BeCos(play) It's Friday

 More not safe for finishing moves below the break, and as always bonus nerd points if you recognize characters.

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

People who try to merge into a 70mph interstate at 50mph with cars behind them that would like to not get run over by and semi can fuckoff as aggressively as they are timid in merging.

The floor is yours angry readers.

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 Busy times at the office so I've got to keep the schedule flexible, more unusual configurations below the break.

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I'm NOT an Ubermech

This correlates with my idea that all SJWs are white supremacists.  They believe white males are so naturally superior, that unless continually berated they will become “superior.” This correlates with my idea that all SJWs are white supremacists.  They believe white males are so naturally superior, that unless continually berated they will become "superior."
This does beg an interesting question, since I don't believe white males to be inherently superior. What cultural factors are keeping other groups from banding their own social connections and capital and leveraging their own ways ahead?

I don't have a good answer, not one that actually passes my logic gates.

So on an emotional level let me say, no matter who you are:

You can succeed. It may be hard because of things that aren't your fault, it may be hard because of things that are your fault. There will be people above and below you trying to stop you overtly and by subverting your own belief in yourself.  You can still succeed.

I've seen it done against challenges that would humble nearly anyone likely to be reading this. You can succeed.

You aren't a victim of anything you don't let make you a victim, even if you are a survivor and carry scars and wounds and maimings. You can succeed. 

Don't listen to anyone selling you prepackaged insurmountable excuses to fail, don't give into bigotry hateful or patronizing. You can succeed.

If you truly find it necessary to give up and surrender to the forces trying to hold you down do it three minutes after you've taken your final breath, not one second before. You can succeed.

Monday Made Me Laugh

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BeCos(play) It's Friday

 More not safe to water below the break, and as always bonus nerd points for recognizing characters.

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

The cult of Social Justice can fuck off in a heterosexual missionary way because that's what will piss them off the most. You narcissistic nihilists aren't content with your own societal suicide, no everyone must be made to care...and drink the kool-aide. All because Mommy and Daddy never actually loved you enough to actually be your parents so nobody can be allowed to be content in their own lives. The floor is yours angry readers.

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BeCos(play) It's Friday

 More not safe do backwards below the break, and as always bonus nerd points for recognizing characters.

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

Too busy to properly tell everything to fuckoff so a general fuckoff to everthing and everyone who deserves it.

The floor is yours angry readers.

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Scotch Nature: Warding Off the Demon Murphy

Anything that can possibly go wrong, does. Murphy's Law
If anything can go wrong fix it. Peter's Law for the Obsessive Compuslive

The whole point of these Scotch Nature posts is to enable Financial Preparation. But the only think nicer than having your cake is not having to eat it. So lets go over some quick tips and basic maintenance to prevent having to dip into that emergency fund that you've been skipping Starbucks and McDonald's to build.

When you buy expensive used things have a competent person check them out first. Fun factoid is that many automotive repair places will give a prospective used car a quick once over before you buy it for a very modest fee(sometimes just doing it for your future goodwill/business). So before you shake hands and sign a bill of sale a quick test drive past your local garage might save you from buying an obvious(to a professional) lemon. Similarly pull up to make sure you're paying a fair price and look up some articles about what to look for during a test drive.

Get a really through home inspection on any house you purchase. Make sure you have a good idea on what those repairs would cost and factor that into any offers you make.

Regular and needed maintenance on capital items like home and vehicles is not something to cheap out on. Remember there's a difference between being cheap and being thrifty. One of those two ends up with being comfortable to well off later. That doesn't mean you don't shop around for the best prices you can get for quality work but don't put off things like transmission services or timing belts, because that will often end up with you having to look for a new care with only what the junk-yard will give you for your old one or a repair bill that will seem almost as bad.

On the Medical front one of the cheapest ways to avoid a doctor's visit and assorted costs is to get your flu shot and wash your hands regularly. You don't have to be a total germaphobe to reduce your out of pocket medical costs regularly. Alas the other thing most of us should do is even less fun and that's loose a few pounds of weight. Unfun but affording insulin is even worse.

This isn't to say that the demon Murphy won't manage to bite you anyway but when you'll have your financial preparations because you made him work for it.

Seeing Red

 More hotness and hot bloodedness below the break.

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Shark Bait

 Since certain places are celebrating shark week, I thought I'd bring snacks. More delectable underwater morsels below the break.

Tuesday Tap, Rack, and Bang

 More not safe to field strip below the break.