Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dear Customer

Since TCA wasn't working tonight I'm borrowing his bit for a couple of notes to people:

Dear Thundercunt and Thundercock buying frapachinos with food stamps:

When you dropped the drink on the floor breaking it then consoled yourselves that it was "their" job to clean it up you were wrong. Our jobs are to provided desired goods and services to productive members of society so that after being robbed at governmentpointe to fill your trough with swill that we may provided for our own families with what is left.

If you had the shame of a truckstop whore you would get on the ground clean it up while thanking the people who work to provide you with such luxuries beyond your needs.

Dear Walking Miasma of "Perfume":

You are either so insecure or actually skanky that you felt the need to strap spounges to yourself then bathe in "fragrance.

Thankyou so much for this migraine headache.


  1. Pigs are nice productive creatures that have done nothing to you, I say that you have insulted swine everywhere by using the words swill and trough in association with the under motivated individuals above.

    1. Tasty pigs have my apologies(more recompense to follow), that said these pieces of human garbage were aping their less redeeming habits.

  2. Bwahahahaha.

    1. I'm hoping that you're laughing with me C.J.