Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Scotch Nature: Making It

Normally this feature concentrates on saving money but some opportunities are coming up to address the top line for a change. Keep in mind that like the whole Scotch Nature series this will seem patronizing to a lot of you out there but might spark some thoughts elsewhere.

Holiday Pay: So several holidays are coming up and many employers than need to be open realize that if they don't want a "blue flu" that they need to sweeten the pot with at least time and a half. Now I know that if you have kids or a large close family volunteering to work Thanksgiving or especially Christmas isn't going to be a popular thing but we could at least get up for National Hangover Day which will keep you from wasting money on booze and STD tests. Let's say you make $10 per hour and holiday pay is $15 that's an extra $40 bucks (unfortunately pretax) to buy Christmas presents or New Year's preps. If you're unencumbered you could probably volunteer for the coming four holidays and maybe quadruple that.

Temp Work: If you're one of the "umpossible" chronically unemployed that supposedly don't exist nowadays this is the time to be throwing boxes at Fed-ex or stocking shelves at some store at night doing seasonal work. It's also time to be going to H&R block's(or other seasonal tax-preparer's) tax classes so that you can start doing taxes part time after the New Year. If you manage things right you'll have two new and recent employment references on you're resume when the time comes to apply for one of the scarce full time jobs out there.


  1. I don't know if you will even see this, but I just had to write and let you know that my wife and I are debt free. Thanks to you and your philosophy, and advice, we got things together, and now, for the first time, we bought a nice vehicle for cash. We have been buying cars for a couple of grand, cash. But we have been saving up and bought a much nicer car for 8000$. Not a ton of money, but it is to us. And it is ours free and clear. And we have no debt. This is what we were aiming for when I asked you about more posts on scotch nature a long time ago. Just wanted to let you know that for us, it worked.

    1. Sorry that I didn't see this before hand awesome to hear!