Monday, May 23, 2016


Listen neighbor lady I know that I'll be paying for your sprog's eventual third strike incarceration but do you have to turn them lose outside at the very time that parents who actually love their children are trying to get them to bed so that they get enough sleep to grow into contributing members of society. Someone is going to have to pay your future bogus SSI checks.

I swear I don't even need to pull of video of a Trump/Sanders rally to watch Idiocracy happening before my very eyes. Where's a soma when you need it or failing that a nice island to be shipped to?


  1. It's 11pm on a school night and there are still kids wandering the streets in town. Of course they all belong to the 3 families where mom and dad don't give a crap about the kids and they are the same families whose kids keep getting caught vandalizing stuff in town.


    1. I've got a "why none of us can have nice things" post in the works.

    2. Go for it. I'm tired of people figuring society owes them. I'm tired of working my butt off to loose 48% of my income to gov't taxes that pay for pay for the local welfare family sit around and smoke dope and allow their feral offspring tovrun rampant.