Friday, March 16, 2018

BeCos(play) It's Friday

 More not safe to seduce without hearing protection below the break, and as always bonus nerd points for recognizing characters.


  1. I am curious as to why people always find Major Kusinagi sexy. She is after all not human. She hasn't got an organic body. She is a cyborg. Her "organic" portion is a brain with cybernetic implants and about 55CM of a spine. Everything else about her is 100% bio-mechanoid. Her "Shell". In fact in the story she is older than everyone else in "section 9" being a veteran of both the 3rd and 4th world wars. Everyone on the team are in the 40's and 50's, are her former subordinate's from her old SF team, and considerably younger than her. She is the eternal Virgin having been a cyborg since early childhood. In fact all but one of the "back story's" hint that she is the first of her kind. Created as a weapon, and cut off from all real biologic growth or input. She has very little in the way of real emotions. No empathy and no mercy. I love the story. But I find her very sad and about as sexy as the terminator. I know. I know. People love silicon love dolls, but I don't get it.--Ray

    1. Yet also in the source material she's depicted as having a and varied amorous life.

    2. Yes but all VR, and mostly in the original 1980's manga. The girls she has VR sex with in the anime are used as a safe house. They complain about her "lack of attention". She couldn't care less about sex in most of the story telling Boss Arimaki "If I had to have sex with him I would just turn off my sensor package" IMO it isn't something real to her. She never had an adult organic body, or went through puberty, she never had physical sex, she was never in love. I don't think sex is any more real to her than the food she cannot eat is. She asks the same question in several different ways in all of the anime's. "Am I really alive. Or did I die as a child"? Because the story has been re written and retold several times we may never know the original intent. But the story is to me the very sad tale of a desperate, cut off and trapped person who never learned to value life. Not even her own.

  2. That's a nice Stacked Canary at No. 2...

    Thanks for sharing!