Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Made Me Laugh


  1. Know how many Tiger tanks actually did combat with an American tank in all of WW2? The US Army says TWO! One at Anzio that was knocked out by an M4A3 with a 75MM gun. And one in Germany in 1945 that knocked out a Pershing tank at 1200 yards with one shot. It was later knocked out by two M4A3E8 76MM at 800 yards. All other known tigers in the west were knocked out by British tanks, AT guns, Jabo's or broke down/ran out of gas, before ever getting to the front. Remember that fewer than 400 king tigers were built and 99% of them broke down in Russia. Almost all of the German tanks seen by American troops in WW2 were Panther's , Mk4's and "assault guns". There were probably fewer than 100 tigers of both types sent to the western front. 80+% broke down before seeing combat. The Tiger Tank---like the AR-15/M16-- has become so overrated as to be more myth than truth.---Ray

    1. The Germans had problems with both quantity as well as quality on production armored vehicles.