Saturday, December 15, 2018

Random Hotness

More not easily categorized below the break.


  1. Nice bait. Yes BAIT. You see, that is bait to attract males to that tube she is sitting on. That tube connects to a highly efficient biological factory. Her job is to get you to load that factory, then spend the rest of your life supporting her and it. WE are attracted to the athletic ones because they have the highest chance to survive using that baby factory (until 80 years ago the death rate for pregnant females was greater than 60%) That is why WE find it so psychologically easy to replace her. We evolved to want several females for sex at the same time, because no matter how many we knocked up more than half would die. In some seasons far more than half. She evolved to be bat shit crazy for the same reason. You have to be nuts to let somebody knock you up KNOWING that every time you had sex it was a 60/40 shot at a slow pain filled death, and that even if you lived you would spend a lifetime as a milk cow doing forced labor. It's really amazing they aren't crazier than they are--Ray

    1. For whatever reason I'm reminded of the end of the Castle Anthrax scene:

      "Can't I have just a little peril?"

      "No it's too perilous."

      "I bet you're gay."

      "Am not."