Saturday, July 13, 2019

Weekend Web Wander

Hilarious (especially if true) review of a particular appliance.

Something that might be a good idea if Trump derangement syndrome keeps growing more violent. Be careful wearing to it protests though because authorities might interpret it as intent to be violent.

Spinal injury epi-pen...faster please.

Dear Oklahoma man, Florida man was not challenging you.


  1. A kilogram of powdered uranium? Depending on the type and purity, thats not a good thing.


  2. I admit, the first thing I went to was the woman's review of the helpful appliance that she was to have bought from Amazon. There is a link at the bottom of her review to share it to FB. I thought about doing so, but even though I think that there are Nazi's running FB, I still want to be able to stay in contact with my family and friends from other states, and I know that they would ban anyone posting that review on their liberal site, perhaps even send some kind of geek squad over with guns, because of course liberals are the only ones who should have guns, to shoot me and my dog, and arrest anyone else here in my home. So I had to content myself with reading it a second time. I didn't bookmark it, but I bet that I will never forget how to find it, just to read it on occasion to get a good laugh.