Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Seeing Red (Mega Post)

Much much(more than 400) more not safe outside the shade below the break.



  1. Wow what a post. Kryptonite heaven!! Thanks!!

  2. My goodness, Odysseus, you have enough beautiful red heads here( not that there are any other kind) to populate a small fishing village in Ireland within a generation.
    If I was 20 years younger, I would try and get 2 of them to agree to go with me. I am 59 now, so of course I would have been dead for some time, 2 red heads for certain would kill a man, but what a glorious way to go.

    1. There was a John Ringo book that commented about a character who died in battle, "That's how he'd have wanted to go." someone else who knew him said, "No he told me he wanted to die at 89 in a hammock on the beach while being felated by a redhead named Tiffany."