Monday, October 25, 2021

Random Hotness


More not safe for easy categorization below the break.


  1. #3 Winner-Winner-Chicken Dinner!!

    But only if she can drag my fat old ass all the way out of the building in a May Day Drill. I had a young lass actually do that once when I was younger and thinner. I was paired up with this young lady as we were practicing Search & Rescue in a maze with our SCBA masks blacked out. Before going in, the Captain whispered to me to drop to the floor and go unresponsive. Half-way through the maze I did just that. After a couple of seconds of no response from me, she called the "May Day" and dragged me backwards all the way out the door. She barely weighed over 100 pounds but she got it done. I ran into her about 10 years ago and we reminisced about the old days. She didn't remember that drill, instead her favorite memory was me putting her behind the wheel of the engine returning to quarters for an impromptu driver training session. She couldn't believe I trusted her to drive the engine.

    1. I agree that physical standards for such jobs should be kept intact for the reasons that they need to be, but if a young lady is part of the 2% or so that can meet them then good for them. Nothing wrong with a gal who can help toss haybales with you all day.

  2. Nice Tempest, when women were women and men were men and everybody thought it was an arrangement that couldn't be improved.