Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Seeing Red


I'm pretty sure that I didn't get the compilation folder all the way cleared out after last week's, have fun trying to spot the new additions. More not safe to repeat below the break.


  1. Sweet round tush on our girl on 9 and nice Orphan Annie on her on 37, nice because of their frames on 42 - adorable, still say Miss Louise makes a dandy colleen romping through the meadow.

    PS You did pretty well on the repeats.

    PPS I know we all agree red hair somehow wears better on homely than other colors, but 53 is the exception.

    Sorry, I'm sure she's a nice girl.

  2. Well! Once again I note that you have neglected to include the comely Jen Psaki in your rotogravure. On behalf of nearly all males, I say Thank you.

    1. I refuse to share picks of someone who simultaneously brought back the nearly dead stereotypes of Dumb-Polak and Soulless-Ginger.

  3. Rocksy Light... always a pleasure.