Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama is sure sticking it to the drug companies.

A government solution to a problem that didn't exist is going to drive the price of a weekly shot to prevent premature births from $20 to $1500. Citing supposed "quality concerns" the government has given a drug company a retroactive monopoly on a treatment that has been used for years now.

The March of Dimes which takes massive donations from the company getting this monopoly celebrated a move that will drive more women out of health insurance that covers maternity care.

Granting a company a patent for something they developed is a good thing that encourages people to develop new things, but corruptly awarding a patent for something that exists already smacks of Marxist central planning at its most cruel and destructive.

I can only speculate that this is another move to help break both the free-market health care and leave people screaming for a single payer system. But the Obama administration using the lever of a drug that can spare children from the dangers and illness of being born too soon is vile past my ability to state.

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