Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clean your own House

Obama is now starting to talk gun control. This is from someone who's BATFE is becoming the largest supplier of US arms to Mexican cartels.

I can't help beating this supposed dead horse, because the government just seems to keep rolling on as if nothing happened.

Oliver North was publicly defamed in the media for arming people to oppose murderous marxism but the very people who are supposed to be stopping straw purchases by violent cartels start encouraging them. Then a United States citizen(also a lawman) is killed by the very guns that the BATFE encouraged sold then lost.

The simple truth is that in the collapse the system model that the marxists are following armed citizens are actually a major obstacle. A few armed people can hold of a mob if the have weapons and are willing to use them.

"God made all men, Sam Colt made them equal."-Colt marketing 1800's

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