Saturday, October 11, 2014

Inoperators Contact Report

(Inspired by Daddy Bear's Minivandian posts)

Loaded the team into the Situation Urban Breaching Assault Recon and Utility vehicle Forester class and departed for local member only market to requisition supplies and medical testing. After obtaining needed services and equipment we were harassed by local youth paramilitary.

They were obviously running a protection racket as we were approached they "requested" a donation or purchase of "popcorn" highly suspicious as there was no popcorn popper evident. I fixed the miscreant with a 948 yard gaze and he backed up apparently not feeling the spirit of the bobcat totem he wore on his kerchief.

Exvaced the team back to primary base and put out perimeter patrol, second in command though didn't agree with my post mission assessment. I worry that given her druthers she would have laid waste to the entire paramilitary unit we encountered, much as she did to the all female youth paramilitary that tried a similar shakedown racket involving "cookies" a few months ago.

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  1. OK, that tripped my giggle switch right there. Thanks!