Monday, January 1, 2018

Monday Made Me Laugh


  1. Remember that "extra solar object" we were laughing about in October? Well... Its WAY bigger than anyone thought it was. (800 to 1200 meters X 120 meters) It isn't going to Vega anymore. Its making a B-line to intercept Jupiter next year and its still slowing down. It has been since it was first spotted. It has gone from + 120 KPS in October when it passed SOL, to an estimated 20 KPS now, and it is claimed that no one knows how, but that "it is all perfectly normal". It is not "emitting" and the US Government has declared it "unresponsive". In unrelated news NASA has just had the manned space flight program fully funded for the next decade. with plans to build a lunar base "on the far side of the moon" "as soon as feasible"(fox news)and the US Military has announced that a "United States Space Corp" (army times) will begin training men and women as soon as possible. OH! and 21 TRILLION just vanished from the national balance sheet...

  2. Steven Hawking just told the world that it IS an XT probe, and they (JPL, the Chinese , NASA) have been receiving "telemetry" since last summer. The report went on to say that it will make a "correction " around Jupiter sometime next year. In the "Mainstream" News: Much bullshit about Trump and Oprah. This? "nothing to see here citizen." "OH! and you should get ready in case there is radioactive fallout" (CDC hand out to follow) Hospitals are getting "updated disaster and displacement instructions" along with "augmented supply's" in case of "Unexpected military action" Retroactive training for the NG and reserves seems to be on the cards, as well as equipment dispersal to "rural" storage sights. I don't know if that thing is a probe or not. But it certainly seems to have scared the crap out of someone "a way up the food chain"--Ray