Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday Wifus with Rifus

 More not safe from being distracting at a critical moment below the break.


  1. This week 'bout pegs the cute meter. The "AK feelings" and "My Sexuality" tops!--Ray OH! and my oncology doc says that the Kaytuda/radiation have "changed the game". He and Dr. Ishiwara san have ordered a Pet/Cat scan. New order Tec from Japan. I will get it after the "radiation fog" clears from my lungs. About 4 weeks or so. I can say this: I am in much less pain and feel WAY better. It would be nice to get another year or two....Ray

    1. Wonderful to hear, I know the hospital I work has stepped up their radio-oncology game recently. Though they had to sink the foundation pilings twice as deep as they thought because they hit either a cave or a mine-shaft 30ft down.