Sunday, March 17, 2019

Keeping the English Back Out


  1. Uh - there ya "triggered" me on "teh English". :)

    1. I'm sure that's not all she could trigger you on. ;)

  2. Shure and she's not fool enough ta' use that Armalight dressed like tat. She'd have dat on down ta the pub. Enterainin' while ta boys laid up by ta roadside ta ambush ta fukin' britts, er' the Black& Tans. See Irish isn't that hard to speak. Or as an Irish lass said ot me once. Up a long ladder and down a short rope. To hell with king Billy, and god bless the Pope. If that doesn't do, we'll tear em' in two, and send em' to hell with there orange and blue.--Ray,

  3. Well... Some of the songs of the Brits and Scotts can be pretty raw. As the chores of "Cats on the roof" go's Cats on the roof and cats on the tiles. Cats with the crabs and the clap and the piles. Cats with there butts all wreathed in smiles, as they revel in the throws of fornication. First verse. The Babboon is a funny sight. His bottom shines like a neon light, and waves like a flag in the jungle night, as he revels in the throws of fornication. Or the Scottish "Ball of Ballinor" Who did ya' last night? Who'll do ya' no. The man who did ya' lass night he canna do ya now. First they tried it simple, and then by he's and she's, but when the ball got rollin, they did it fives and threes. They both have MANY verses----Ray