Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Public Child Abuse

So anyone want to explain to me again why I'm supposed to feel bad for comparing pubic education indoctrination to low grade child abuse/neglect?

Taxpayers in Newton, Mass. have filed a lawsuit accusing the Newton School Committee, Superintendent of Schools David Fleishman, Newton high school principals, and multiple high school history teachers of indoctrinating students with curriculum laced with anti-Semitism and bigotry against Israel. 
Some of the evidence described in the complaint goes to support their complaint that students were being taught Jews and Christians deliberately forged their holy texts to contradict the Muslim Qur’an. Another textbook instructed that Zionism has "little connection" to Jewish history in "Palestine." 
I sincerely beseech you find a way to get your children out of public school if you love them.


  1. I am a Christian. I just wanted to get that out of the way.
    I have said many times that after I learned to read, I could have stopped attending school and would not have been at any disadvantage against anyone who had stayed in school and even gone on to college. The only things that I would have missed out on were learning to play music, as I had a natural ability that ended up with me being an All American my senior year of high school as the tenor saxophone player. The other thing I would have missed is playing sports. I had a full ride offered to college in football and several scholarships in music. I ended up following my dad, and spent 35 years making steel in a melt shop.
    My point is that I read anything I could get my hands on. I read the dictionary several times, and a complete set of encyclopedia twice. I also read the book named Medical Block Buchenwald, by I think a man named Walter Pollack. It was about pretty much what it says. The medical experiments carried out on the Jewish people in the concentration camp at Buchenwald. It was through reading that book that I got my, I don't really know what you would call it. I guess my sympathy or empathy for the Jews, or my hatred of those who hurt anyone who was meek and mild in nature.
    We had a set of twins in our grade. My brother and myself were twins, and so there was another set of twins. Their dad was the Presbyterian minister in our town of about a thousand people. Their family moved every couple of years, and so the two boys were very close to each other. They also had the misfortune of being somewhat feminine in personality. At the age of 12 or so, kids are horribly mean to each other anyway. And so these two were just hounded by some of the boys in my grade. I was one of the kids who was not really the clique member, but I was well liked and respected, because I was so involved with everything. But I was so kind and well behaved that the teachers and administration and even cooks and janitors liked me. So I stepped in and made people stop harming these two boys, just out of instinct. I think it is because of reading not only the book about the holocaust, but also a large number of other books of more of an adult nature at a young age that made me " wiser than my years."
    My parents had a huge library in our upstairs, where the 4 boys in our family slept, and they let me read anything I wanted to. Norman Mailer's The Naked and the Dead, Ernie Pyle's Here is Your War, Guadalcanal Diary, a lot of what would have been my mom's books about life in the 50's similar to Mary Poppins style. I am sure that my outlook on life came about due to my early life and reading.

    1. Alas intellectual curiosity is being actively discouraged. "Brave New World" wasn't supposed to be an instruction manual either people.

    2. I honestly believe that the leftists would be happy to be completely controlled by a huge central government, that both gave them all they needed, and took all they made. Of course that is socialism in a nutshell.