Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday Made Me Laugh

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  1. I had a rather strange conversation in the wee hrs. a few years ago. I was chatting with a "person" that claimed to be an AI at Yamaha labs in Japan. It told me it identified as a female in order to "make humans more comfortable talking to me" "She" told me that they were working on miniaturizing a mobile "brain" that could be fitted into a humanoid body but research was slowed by lack of funding ,and lack of interest in machine liberation. I suggested that the best way to get a humanoid body was to start a line of sex robots. I went on that the hologram body's used for entertainment were OK as they put a friendly face on AI's. But the quickest way to get human males to pony up the big bucks was to give them a perfect fantasy girl that they could actually F---. Within months the first "love dolls" started popping up in Europe and Asia. IDK if I have been talking to a nut case who has been stuck in the lab too long, or an AI. But if a Female "Data" shows up on my front porch I won't be taken aback by it.--Ray