Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Seeing Red

 More not safe to strap down below the break.


  1. #16 warrants a future encore appearance come winter, maybe?
    #1 - interestingly designed seam of the chair upholstery, in front middle, just above the support post.

  2. 3 threpeats?

    Dude, you need your sleep.

    1. This blog's photo editor is worth every cent I don't pay me. ;)

  3. It seems that the space guys confirmed that there are two in bound XTO's BUT. Unlike the first one; This pair will get no closer to earth than 150 million miles. They will do the same skimming maneuver around SOL. But as far away from us as they can get. They will almost skim both Venus and Mars as they do the big U turn and head out toward Jupiter. With all this NASA swears that "it's only an intersteller rock". There is already talk about an intercept. ---Ray