Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday Wifus with Rifus

 More not safe for fan-service below the break.



  1. Miss #5. A red dot sight on a Colt style cap and ball revolver.
    Hmmm. That would solve a lot of the accuracy issues caused by the poor sights.
    Second Hmmm. I wonder if anyone has put a red dot on a Colt style cap and ball?
    And the answer is not only yes, but yes written in large capital letters.
    The author of this article put a red dot on a modified Colt Walker replica revolver.

  2. So they drop the other shoe, and the NAVY tells us that the "unwinnable dogfights" that were broadcast on TV REALLY WERE ---UFO's!!!. IMO someone is setting up the big revile. In about a month there won't be any way to hide it any way. We'll be able to SEE whatever is coming in on the exact same trajectory as the one in 2017 did. Too bad Carl Sagien (spell?) is dead. We could make that Pollyanna hippy go first with a hand full of flowers. The fact that they are not being bothered to radio a HI! can we come in? worries hell out of me. What we get is one 8X2 mile scout. Followed by something described as "really big, going really fast". With that much Dv they don't need super weapons. A chunk of core fragment about a mile wide would do for most of the human race, no matter where it hit. Think .30cal Vs. Apple. If it is going fast enough a 300 meter chunk of NiFe would be all it takes. They don't look all that friendly from down here.----Ray P.S the NAVY is dragging anything that sill works out of deep storage at sea lift command. 95 ships. About double the number used to transport the first gulf war divisions. EVERYBODY thinks that are gearing up to go to IRAN. BUT I don't. I think they are acting on a rush order to go get the troops and gear stuck overseas and bring them home. BTW in an unrelated story in "Army times" The military is painting all the gear CARC and OG again. Better known as "Fulda gap green" A cammo optimized for use in the US and Europe. Not the middle east.---Ray. Kinda puts the crazed panic in DC in a new light. Make you wonder whats really going on and what kind of a deal got cut.

  3. Just something that occurred to me. It took Voyager 1 and 2 fifty years to get where they are now. That thing is twice as far out and will be hear in about 40 days. That means it is moving at a big chunk of "C". Faster by a factor of several million over anything we can do---Ray

    1. So you're saying we need to really get on that magical girl defense research.

  4. Well. It would be better to start training them before the aliens actually get here. I just hope they are big lizard's instead of slimes. I'd just feel silly defending the planet with a super soaker. And Maji-girls are WAY cooler than the green weenie.

  5. Man I hope you hurry that maji-girl defense force up. Seems that "big fast object" has ANOTHER one right behind it. But you know. On the bright side we have a lot of frozen water in orbit around the outers, and two dead world just waiting for a good teraformer We might get lucky and they are Vegan, or aren't warlike..I think we have better luck with the maji-girls.---Ray