Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Libertarianism


  1. The current "Libertarian" party seems to be a hard left add on to the democratic/communist party. The radical anti-gun, anti-freedom stance of its candidates has left me unwilling to ever vote for them again, and I have been behind them since the 80's.---Ray

    1. I'll agree that they're afraid of their own shadow as far as the accusation of "stealing votes from the Republicans." I'll further agree that they said why should the Republicans have all the fun of nominating someone who doesn't really believe in the party's plank positions.

      And if you want Anti-Gun and Anti-Freedom just look up the 2010 positions of both major party's nominees. Not trying to put lipstick on the particular pigs the Libertarians have nominated this time, but the ideas and foundations themselves have potential.

    2. What I fear is an openly declared soviet. At this point the whole idea seems to be to get the most ruthless person into power then declare a Imperium. No more elections. The party's "platform" is damned irrelevant when your only "vote" lay's in the magazine of a rifle. Trump might do that later. But Hillary will NO S*** do that from day one. The rest are just "spoilers". Shills, and nothing more.---Ray

    3. We all have to do what we feel is best, Personally I hope we're all wrong about present trends, even though I don't think so.