Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday Tap, Rack, and Bang

 More not safe to field strip below the break.


  1. Lets see: 1)Waitin for hubby to get home, found out about secr. ,blast WR off MB when he get home.
    6) hope a redhead(Yes Lassy anything you want)
    9)where's her holster?
    11)What name of western movie she come from?
    The rest'damm good ladies. 5) a 'Lioness' pack

  2. Hay there! I see the shotgun ladies are on a roll and ready to bale out. I hope those guns were not bought through a straw man purchase.
    And the one young lady looks like she might be too tired to shoot any more.
    And yes, the last photo caused spaghetti western music to start floating through my head.