Friday, April 6, 2018

BeCos(play) It's Friday

 More not safe to platform below the break, and as always bonus nerd points if you recognize characters.


  1. You know: I have always found the disconnect between the Manga , anime and novel story's strange. Video games added a whole different spin. Take "Rosario Vampire" A good Manga, supernatural action adventure. That was made into an Anime, harem Rom Com, so stupid that it borders on brain death.. Another good example is "Gate Thus the SDF fought there." It is a great SIFI fantasy novel. An OK light novel, A really good manga, and an ok anime. Trouble is that none of the above are more than loosely based on the original story. Kinda' like the difference between "Star wars" and Disney "Star wars" AKA "The never ending space opera" --Ray

    1. I suppose that it's just that different mediums have different strengths. Stephen King is my go to example for horribly written clever story ideas that make better movies than books in my opinion.

  2. The one on the couch has a certain oomph, as does Spock's wife.

    Not to mention Reclining Velma.

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    2. I'd be tempted to delete the hyper-crazy troll's non-sequitur screed, but then I'd lose Ray's wonderful rebuttal of this nut. In the end it's good to know who the crazy people are(though in this case the coward doesn't have the stones to sign his screed), and it's even more important for good people to stand against them.

    3. I've seen the same exact troll post on a half dozen blogs in the last few days.


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    5. I gave up caring what such people thought of me for lent...several lent's ago and just haven't picked the habit back up.

      As for pro-gun=nazi that's kind of stupid given the number of IDF hotties I've shown over the years. ;)