Sunday, April 8, 2018

My Response to the Conspiracy Troll

 More propaganda from your Zionist masters below the break. ;)


  1. If we were 1/10th as evil and powerful as this "Anonymous" putz posting around the internet, we'd have you in zoos by now.

    That said, WHY Jews are overwhelmingly liberal in America is a mystery to those of us who aren't.

    1. Socialist insanity crosses the Jew/Gentile line pretty easily. I put it down to historically being concentrated in cities made American Jews more susceptible to it.

      If you're liberty loving and want safety come out here to the Midwest we're actually pretty welcoming.

      If you're wanting to spread coastal socialist progressivism around here, I have to tell you the rumors are true and there are ass-raping hillbillies around every corner. ;)

    2. Will, if you check out my blog,, I can pretty much assure you that you will NOT think I'm a "cultural Marxist". ;)

      Had an interview down in Texas a couple of years ago. Great town, loved it, would have moved in a cold second but the wife put so many conditions on it the move was not feasible.

  2. Dude. You are trying to use reason and logic on a mind that functions at the level of a house cat on LSD. Even if they understand the words they can't process them. Its kind of like trying to reason with a communist. All that they will do is scream slogans and hate you more. Basically I just say to myself "You can medicate crazy. You can educate ignorance. You can't fix stupid" and drive on.--Ray