Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday Wifus with Rifus

 More not safe for fan service below the break.


  1. Strike Witches! and Saunders Academy command team in the M4A3E8 from the movie "FURY". A tank that was in every way better than the T34 and Panther, as it proved from Korea right through to the six day war. BTW it was common for "Easy 8's" to knock out T34-85's at 1000 yards in Korea. Just as it had been common for them to kill "Panthers" at that range in the closing days of WW2. German tanks actually kind of sucked by the end of the war.---Ray

    1. The Germans also envied the reliability as well as the ubiquity of the American tanks. Then again one of the things that most amazed Germans captured on D-day(from their own accounts), was they didn't see a single horse. The Americans had mechanized everything.

    2. Yes I remember reading that. I never understood how the German army could think it could win with a late 19th century army. Even with its most "modern" SS formations in 1944-45 they had no fuel, no resupply and not even a way to feed the troops regular meals. They had run out of alloy steels for the tank armor by 1943. That's why you see photos of German tanks that look like they shattered like breaking glass when hit. Or main guns that would split, or blow the muzzle break off when fired. Hitler even ordered one of his Generals shot in 1944 for requesting that the useless surface war ships be broken up for the high quality pre war alloy steel.--Ray

  2. Young 2D lady number eight looks to be spending some time with a Winchester Model 97 trench gun.
    The Model 97 has also been seen often on the movie screen, and Mrs. Pedicaris puts one to good use in the film, The Wind And The Lion.