Friday, April 20, 2018

Unified Field Theory of Socialist Actions

ANYTHING is acceptable if it advances Socialism

Since socialism is supposed to create an earthy utopia as its ends, the means that its believers are willing to sanction are limitless. Imagine if your religion didn't limit the means that you used to spread it (or look to times in history that such limits were de-emphasized), indeed imagine if failing to use any means to advance it was itself a sin. That is arguable the mindset of a socialist.

If they can advance better by propaganda and deceit they will, but don't be fooled to think that they will not resort to naked force if that is perceived as suddenly more advantageous. There is no hypocrisy, lie, temporary alliance, or small ratcheting step that is in the end justifiable to the socialist as long as it serves their ends.

Anyone who'd like to work with or from this idea with or without attribution is free to.


  1. Cal. is now trying to ban bibles and religious text that do not support or in any way criticize homosexual or "deviant" lifestyles. Banning religion and book burning are the last stop before death trains to gas chambers and ovens. There are already bills in the Cal. legislature to ban speech, and firearms. Now it seems they want to add Religion and printed material to the list.--Ray

    1. They read Fahrenheit 451 as an instruction manual.

    2. And Orwell's "1984".

      Something must be in the air. I'm 99% done with an essay - going up later today - with a very similar theme. I'll fold this in.

  2. And... it's up.

    Socialism's Gateway Drug